About Suma Sudhindra


DR.Suma Sudhindra

DR. SUMA SUDHINDRA is one of the acclaimed Veena artiste of the country today. Trained under Veena Maestros Raja Rao and Chitti Babu. She has blended into her music the classical conservatism at the dynamic spirit of innovations.

She has been conferred the tile of Ganakalabhushana by the renowned Karnataka Gana Kala Parishat, the only body of musicians in the country.

Dr.Suma Sudhindra's biggest contribution to the music world is her innovation - 'Tarangini Veena', which is a small version of Saraswathi Veena. "The Tarangini Veena, for which I hold the patent, is very compact and light, making it small enough to be comfortably portable and easy to play." Her organisation Tarangini Arts Foundation conducts cultural festivals every year to promote the cause of Indian classical music apart from imparting lessons in veena and classical music.Her recent contribution to the music world is her own new innovation 'The Tarangini Veena' which has made a tremendous impact in the music circles. She received ''Rajyotsava Award' from Karnataka Government in the year 2001 .
Her panorama of achievements revels her intense devotion and dedication as a Vainika. Performing extensively to music lovers of the country, she has performed at prestigious institutions such as the Music Academy, the Indian Fine Arts Society, Krishna Gana Sabha - all at madras

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Recollecting her childhood days, Suma said she started learning vocal at the age of five and veena at the age of eight. "When I was 18 years, I secured first rank in the Vidvat exam conducted by the Karnataka Higher Secondary Education Board. Later, I went to Madras to learn veena from Dr Chitti Babu to pursue my career," she adds. Trained under maestros like Raja Rao and Chitti Babu, Suma has blended into her music the classical conservatism and the dynamic spirit of innovations. "I've played jugalbandis with almost all the leading artistes of North India like Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and Shahid Parvez," she adds. Every day Suma practises for about two hours and teaches music in the evening. She also teaches students abroad online. She has her own band for last 25 years called - 'Megha', where they play fusion, Carnatic and jazz. Suma has released about 25 music albums on Carnatic classical, fusion, jugalbandi and experimental music.