Renowned Hindustani Classical music maestro and composer, Pandit Debojyoti Bose, was recently honored with the Banga Bibhushan, the highest state honour, for his exceptional contributions to the music industry. He is recognized as the only musician from Kolkata to have visited over 10 countries as an Indian cultural ambassador through the ICCR. Additionally, he has composed music for acclaimed movies, including those directed by National Award-winning filmmaker Shekar Das.

In addition to his musical accomplishments, Pandit Debojyoti Bose has directed numerous non-fiction television shows. His philanthropic journey began in the 1990s when he established his own organization, funding it himself until 2022. However, he has now shifted his focus to a full-time career as a politician-activist in order to expand his social work initiatives.

When questioned about his political involvement, Debojyoti expressed that he observes more politics within the Indian Classical Music Industry than in the mainstream social-political scene. He clarified that his interest in politics is minimal and his decision to join a political party is solely driven by his desire to serve the people. Regardless of whether he entertains them with music or engages in philanthropy, Debojyoti considers his life a service to the people of his country. He is grateful to the honorable Chief Minister for the convenience and support she has offered him, which motivated him to join her party. Debojyoti feels a sense of pride and surprise at becoming the first Hindustani classical musician to enter politics in the history of the field.

Looking ahead to his upcoming projects, the music maestro disclosed that he has been collaborating with renowned artists from Bengal on several singles that will be released before Durga Puja. He expresses deep gratitude for the industry’s warm acceptance of his return as a sarod player after a break. Debojyoti eagerly anticipates performing in concerts during the upcoming season. As the official convenor of the State Music Academy, he also intends to take the academy and its funds to rural areas of Bengal to promote music and discover new talents. While the pandemic hindered the activities of his foundation, he plans to revive it and embark on new ventures in the near future.

By Yasadu